Everybody loves that sweet feeling of fraternity which appears while one is sharing something with another. This feeling can be even greater if sweets are shared. Mutual serotonin exchange creates the air of happiness, that’s why every human holiday includes a part, when guests eat the party cake. Probably, this is the only one tradition, noone has anything against.

Nowadays quite a lot of people prefer vegetarian or vegan way of nutrition. Fortunately, our planet has a lot of alternatives, which are equal to animal food in vitamin and protein balance. If such humans are among participants of a wedding party, it means, that it would better to avoid adding some ingredients to the engagement party cakes. They are: animal milk, eggs, margarine, butter, grease.

Size of a sweetie should match functions it executes. For example, if newlyweds enjoy popular European tradition, when at the full swing of party a beauty appears out from the huge cake, they should ensure that it is big enough. In case no one wishes to meet newcomer, there is an option to simulate the pie from different little candies or sponges. Every guest will have a possibility to take a piece by him/herself without need to cut the whole structure.

Main parts for engagement party cakes

What are the main parts every cake must include? – Shortcakes, cream and decoration. Most of them differ by the shortcake material:

1. Biscuit

Usually has mild and airy taste. First of all shortcakes are baked (different components, such as nuts, raisins, seeds, fruits can be added on this stage) and cut, than they are designed and smeared with cream.


2. Puff pastry

Everybody at least once a life has eaten “Napoleon” cake or cream slice.
So, the principle of puff pastry is not a secret: a lot of thin puff shortcakes, plenty of cream and a bit of decoration. Simple and tasty!

3. Short pastry (shortcrust)

It would better to make (or order) little pies of this type – sorted according to the quantity of portions. Otherwise, after cutting it, external view will not be appetizing anymore.

Types of engagement party cakes

There are also some cakes, made as a one layer with the help of special form, usually without baking:

1. Jelly cake

Fresh taste of fruits or berries, bright color – this refreshment is the perfect solution for warm seasons.

2. Soufflé cake

This kind is great for people with sweat tooth.

3. Ice cream cake

After the type is chosen, newlyweds should decide on decoration. Engagement party baking can be adorned with floral motives: natural or made with mastics, pastry, chocolate flowers and leaves. Extremely popular are different figures of bride and fiancé represented by people or funny animals. Today with the help of alimentary paper and ink masters print edible photos and put it on a wedding pie.

Tips for brides

If you really wish to make your guests to be surprised – order a cake form confectioner’s that specializes on baking party sweets. You will admire the result.

However, some brides couldn’t entrust such a responsible thing as making wedding meals to another person. For such brides there are a lot of tips and advises how to bake, make and adorn a unique masterpiece, which everybody would remember to be the most tasteful piece of sweetmeats they have ever eaten.

While planning a soiree it is important to create an atmosphere of integrity. One tip to make your party memorable – is to decorate every key item keeping to the same style. For example, if the cake will be adorned with special figures, you can print images of these figures on invitations or announcements.

Writing down every little business connected to the holiday evening could free your head as well as support not to forgive important things. Engagement party planning checklist will stand you in a good stead! Enjoy the wedding!