What is a master of ceremonies (or MC) on the reception role? First of all, MC sets the tone of the event, connects various components together. This occurs through speeches, jokes, music pauses, puns, etc. It makes transition between contests, dancing, artists’ performances and feast smooth and unobtrusive. The facilitator should not relax for a minute, because this is his work, – a very difficult and responsible one.

Why have an MC at the wedding?

He has to watch the mood of guests and notice that one is sad, the other is tired, and another one seems to be a little drunk. MC`s role is to involve all the guests in the same process, which is called the celebration. Well, if someone is worn out, then he won`t be imposed, but master of celebration will still keep an eye on him.

Besides all above, to MC`s responsibilities belongs duty to speak well, tell toasts. He should be a good leader, who can improvise and never let awkward situations happen, because he easily turns them into harmless jokes. With a good chair reception is never boring: professional MC has great sense of humor, acting skills, charisma.

As an experienced teacher can wake curiosity in minds of his students in the classroom, experienced master of ceremonies is able to arouse the interest of the audience and involve guests in the gameplay easily.

It has been noticed that the temperament of the leader affects the dynamics of the celebration. If the chair is calm and quiet man, reception is proceeding smoothly, steadily. Weddings, held by MC, who likes to laugh loudly, are usually full of guest’s laughter.

Agile and very active master, as a rule, does not allow audience to sit at the table, trying to get them involved in dancing on the dance floor or to engage in games. Respectable chair, which prefers to have a nice talk, will not hamper your guests to sit at the table, because he understands like nobody else how important tasty food and pleasant conversation are

Choosing MC

First step: define the type

Main types:

Classic entertainer (master of conversational genre in evening dress) – matches to very large and important celebrations, including not only the classic weddings, but also companies` anniversaries, important life events etc.;

Animator (jolly, rollicking, who knows hundreds of toasts and games) is good for party-weddings, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, but not that suitable for event in respectable company.

Chair-classroom teacher (usually a woman, smart, talkative, but is afraid to change her rules and violate principles) is a suitable option for organizing children’s parties, family celebrations, nuptial;

Charismatic young man (a student or graduate of the theatre or circus schools, talkative, smiling, sociable, ready for experiments) – perfect for youth wedding, corporate evenings like the New year parties, etc., open-air receptions, sport events. This MC would be highly welcome at the festival, where the majority of attendees are women;

Star (media, public person, makes a feast even of his presence) – this is an expensive solution, but it’s worth it if we are talking about an expensive wedding, large corporate event, etc.;

Artist (clown, magician) – great decision for children and family holidays or for thematic wedding;

DJ (sings, plays, arranges disco and karaoke – focuses on music and dance component of the festival) – suitable for youth parties and light corporate celebrations.

At the first conversation (by phone, online or personal) ask MC to which type he belongs. If the master says that he can be whatever you wish– don`t believe him. It is impossible. Well, how can classic entertainer, DJ or animator be a clown? Find the type of chair that fits your event.

Second step: compare the temperaments

We have said about temperament of a MC. Think about your wedding type, which kind you would like to see in the end. Calm or hot? Conversations or dancing? Rapid change of events or balanced? Made up your mind?
Now you can easily imagine which master of ceremonies will make desirable celebration. Master`s temperament, manner of speaking, habits matter.

They are important and it is necessary to take them into account when organizing corporate events or preparing for the bridal. If you meet a candidate and realize that he doesn`t suit your reception by temperament, it`s early to give up. To begin with, take the third step.

Third step: looking through portfolio

Don`t neglect the portfolio. Yes, experienced MCs have significant portfolios. Usually their work is filmed and you may look through videos from events they chaired. Watch some of them, at least a few parts. Is everything fine with you? Then move on to the fourth step.

Not really? Then look for a new chair and return to the second step. In addition to video, notice customer reviews of this MC. Look for information about him in the Internet – perhaps on pages where his work has already been discussed. There you will find really valuable information for you.

Fourth step: hire

So, MC is chosen – he fits your claims of type, temperament and skill. Now it is necessary to discuss the upcoming reception.

You should give the worker as much information as possible: reason for the celebration, the venue, guests` number, their preferences, the average age and social status, your personal requests to the festival`s style. What can MC offer you?

Will he be able to get your message? Is this person mobile?

Check it out immediately: ask him to offer you sample script of your event, approximate opening speech, etc. See, if he caught your idea. Yes? It’s your chair.

Perhaps the script development and the organization process will fall on other shoulders, but the MC should adapt to your event`s style to make an impression that the script was written by him.