Many gentlemen for the time are being pretend that their marriage is of little interest and they refer to it, so to speak, calmly. But when there comes a time to propose to that only woman – is there in the world a man who wouldn’t worry and wait with a sinking heart for Her answer? To make a proposal by giving a ring to a lady-love is very simple.

But how to organize everything so that she’ll say the inmost “Yes!”, and then for many years to come you will remember this day as one of the happiest in your life, proudly retelling relatives and friends how it happened, revealing to children and grandchildren the history of your family’s foundation… All in all, you’ll have to do your best for creating good memories!

But when the thoughts about the upcoming marriage are pulsing in your head at 60 beats per minute, to concentrate on the process and invent the way to surprise your beloved becomes extremely difficult. That is why we drew up a list of the most memorable and already proven proposal ideas which as sure as fate will be an excellent pattern for creating your own manner to make to your darling an offer that she won’t refuse.

1. The classics of genre.
Nobody abolished the classics, so the first and probably the most unexpected way to make a proposal, especially with a variety of options to surprise your beloved – to use an old and proven method, that is to stand on one knee with a ring in your hands and to utter the sacred words. This is approved by time and the number of spoken “YES!”, because in this case it doesn’t matter where you are: in a noisy expensive restaurant or in the forest edge, strolling in the city centre or staying at home, as the most important thing is the inimitable romance of the gesture itself.

2. The master of the sites.
To date there is practically no such person who doesn’t know what the Internet is and doesn’t use daily the opportunities that it provides. And you are not an exception if you’re reading this article on our website! So why not to take the advantage of the resources? If you know the sites that your girl visits every day, ask the editors to place a banner with your proposal and your joint photo. Seeing such “advertisement” she will precisely understand which “consumer” it is designed for.

3. A newspaper magnate.
Internet, of course, occupied its niche in people’s lives, but fondness for prints hasn’t been cancelled yet. Knowing what newspaper or magazine your girl likes to read, arrange with editors, perchase one of the pages and make a proposal by publishing the appropriate text. You will need just to make sure that the required edition will fall into her hands.

4. For adventurers.
What can be more exciting than a quest in which you are a main player? If your dear half of your heart is keen on this theme you can play up your proposal exactly in this style. For example, you leave cues in some certain places on prearranged route, and the greatest prize of course will be ingenuously the proposal itself.

5. When nature tempts.
This version will definitely appeal to those who prefer to spend their time going on nature. Ask your relatives or acquaintances to beautify a secluded nook in the park where you often stroll, or in another place outdoors where you often come, to set the table beforehand and just go to that place. An arrow pointer saying “Marriage Proposal Picnic” will help to hint at your intentions.

Marriage Proposal Ideas5

6. Reaching the skies (Part 1).
A romantic and memorable proposal can be made immediately during the flight. If you’re going on vacation by plane (in case your girl indures flights easy) you can incite the crew and ask your main question using the loud-speaker on the hight of several thousands metres above the ground.

7. Reaching the skies (Part 2).
Organize a ballon-flight and make a proposal at the time of it. Or write your sacred question some where in the fields and rent a small plane so that your beloved could see the massive inscription.

Marriage Proposal Ideas4

8. For film fans.
One more thrilling variant which will delight your sweetheart is a proposal-trailer. Of course, you have to shoot it beforehand and arrange with cinema workers that they will play it through when you both will come to the showing. The key thing is to come in time for not to miss what you were trying so hard for.

9. A videosurprise.
Make a video with the offer of your hand and heart, load it on YouTube or into a social network if you both use it, and send a link to your lady-love referring to that you found something interesting. Unquestionably this way you cannot present a ring to her, so it would be more romantic and originally if you’ll watch this reel together.

10. Party-Affiance (Part 1).
You’ll need the help of your family and friends in both parts of this scenario. You are to gather your folks. Give them T-shirts with words (or letters) which in certain order make up the words “Will you marry me?” If she cannot immediately understand everything, then a group photo will help her to “see through” your “insidious” plan.

11. Party-Affiance (Part 2).
Throw a party. Invite only guys. All of them including you must put on T-shirts with words “Will you marry me?” on each of it. Then call your beloved girl to come. When she will ask about what is going on here, say that today is the day when she chooses a future husband for herself. Don’t forget about the ring, of course.

12. Lord of the Rings.
One of the most simple, but no less original ways to make a surprise to your girlfriend is to replace all of her daily rings with the wedding one. Just imagine her delight when in the morning she will see a “substitution” instead of her usual adornment.

13. Flower paradise in the water.
Your lady’s favourite flowers will also help to create the right mood when you’ll make a proposal. Arrange a romantic dinner just for the two of you, prepare for her a relaxing bath using the essential oils and strew it with flowers and rose petals. Leave the ring at the prominent place, for instance, on a beak of a rubber duckling.

14. “With verve”.
Romantic mood can be created not only by strewing a bath with flowers but also using such attribute as candles. Just lay out with candles an illuminated road-pointer in the end of which your chosen one will find an engagement ring.

15. A shopping tour.
Even after the most exhausting shopping every girl barely crossed the threshold immediately begins to try on her new acquisitions. All you need is to throw the box with the ring insensibly into her newly bought stuff and wait until she will find it.

16. A musical surprize.
When the favourite musical group or performer comes to your city, not to get to the performance is simply inexcusable, especially in case your girlfriend adores them. Buy tickets for the performance and invite your beloved to spend a pleasant evening. You’re asking how is it to our point? Naturally, it is not easy to negotiate with the musicians and ask them to make a proposal on behalf of you just from the stage. But usually even the most well-known celebrities do compromise in such situations.

17. Proposal flashmob.
Flashmob-marriage proposals confidently and quickly come into fashion. You bet, such action as a flashmob is always beautiful and fascinating, and if such a gathering took place on the occasion of the engagement of lovers… Be sure that your girl will never forget such a proposal.

18. On birthday.
Of course a girl will long for a surprise from the beloved on her birthday. But no other gift can be compared to a proposal made on that day! Undoubtedly after this she just cannot resist and will certainly agree to be your wife.

19. In the presence of parents.
Another way corresponds to the engagement traditions – to ask for a girl’s hand from her parents. Surely, before turning up on the doorstep it’s worth thinking about your appearance. I mean, even if you don’t accept tail coats – neatness and tidiness always stand high estimated and respected. Besides, take care about the bouquet for your lady-love’s mom (your future mother-in-law), and don’t forget the present for your girlfriend’s father. After a casual conversation pass to the point and tell you’re going to legalize relationship with their daughter, and then ask them to give their blessing for your marriage. Such a gesture demonstrates a profound respect to the parents.

Marriage Proposal Ideas6

P.S. If the groom is inventive and ready to come up thoroughly to the organization of the engagement, he can order a photo- and video-shooting beforehand. Thus the happy moment will stay not only in your memory, but also in your family’s video archive. Moreover, these cadres can be used in the presentation of your couple’s love story on your wedding, so that guests can enjoy those heartwarming moments too.

Each of the previously described proposal methods can be used as a ready guide to action, but we are sure that you will be able to bring your own flavor and make such a significant moment for the two of you the most special and memorable.