It’s hard to say what brings attention to human mind in this big and constantly changing world – there is so much festivities which brings fun and delight. But mostly we value outdoor meetings and celebrations: we go to the beach, we’re making barbecues, and some of us even live in the country house all summer.


We are drawn to the bright, fresh and endless beauty of nature, we enjoy blue skies, lightness of a white clouds; tender lines of a closed burgeons and summer’s color riot, scarlet autumn, cold beauty of the snow – all of it attracts our eyes and brings peace to the soul, even though we are mostly live in big airless cities.

Somewhere deep any human want to melt into nature, live in it with harmony – so it’s natural desire to make an outdoor wedding, which has lots of perks: beautiful surroundings, created by nature, fresh air, opportunity to a variety of outdoor games, no time limit with your party…think about it – you can rent a couple of a pretty horses and ride them in a lovely green park. In addition to all of that, you get a chance to capture beautiful photographs.

In fact, photographer nowadays is the most important wedding guest: he is everywhere, he must be never seen, but all wedding memories depends on him – he captures all of your perfect moments. If he is a true artist, he will know how to make a splendid shots of your special day; he will find a marvelous place for your wedding and during a shoot he’ll add a frivolous expression of the seriousness and make too serious people laugh.

One and only risk with outdoor wedding is weather, which could suddenly grow cloudy and rainy, putting at risk your banquet and photo shooting. But if you’re properly ready for it with tents, you and your guests won’t get wet; and if your photographer is a professional, he will make all circumstances favorable for him.

Even rain won’t be a problem – snapshot of a happy newlyweds running through the puddles with pretty umbrella will add a charm to the wedding album; sun and wind will break a solemn lines of a wedding dress and make them look more natural; and if the sun is hiding, artificial lighting can replace it.

That depends only on professionalism of your photographer and his team – because good shots come with coordinated teamwork of an artist and his assistants, who will carry all the equipment and dispose guests on the group shots to create good-looking photo.

Also, a great team will provide you set of moments captured without yawning or scratching noses, but with joyful admiration. Examples of professional wedding movies can be found anywhere on the internet, a good photographer always have a site or a public page with portfolio on it.

So if you feel the urge to unite with nature and create a lovely memory of a wedding, you almost certainly need to arrange a wedding banquet somewhere in the open air and invite an expert in photo and video shooting – not some second cousin who recently bought cheap digital camera.