There is always something unique about an outdoor wedding. If you are a nature and garden lover, then you will fall in love with the unparalleled beauty of a rocky ocean shore that is always attached to a romantic outdoor wedding. I understand that you are eagerly waiting to recite your vows in a mid of natural beauty of vibrant flowers and picturesque trees.

However, as gorgeous and tremendous these natural beauty gives us, there will always be a significant amount of legwork that goes into preparing a romantic outdoor wedding. Keep in mind that there are dangle blooms, and scorched leaves that can turn your romantic wedding into a nightmare.

What should I consider before planning my outdoor wedding?

Remember to keep your outdoor wedding sensual and romantic. That said there are various outdoor wedding ideas that will help you in planning a simple and elegant green wedding. Also, be sure to prepare for the unexpected things such as rain. The following tips will leave your guests with an awesome experience.

Have a backup plan: As a bride to be, you must be prepared just in case something unusual happens. What will you do if it rains? Just in case it happens. The perfect outdoor wedding venue should have an indoor location. The chosen location should be near your outdoor wedding event for easy movement.

Set up Camps: Don’t forget to hire a larger tent for your romantic wedding. Make sure you have estimated the number of guests before hiring one. Besides, you can opt to hire one or two tents just in case the number of guest increases. It will also act as an improvised shade for your guests to enjoy fully.

Alert your guests: Don’t be surprised when you see one of your visitors with shorts and beach shirts. It is important to alert them first. Make sure they know that you are having an outdoor wedding, so they will come dressed accordingly.

Be Ready for hot weather: To have the most romantic wedding, have your groomsmen or ushers pass around ice-cold bottles of water to guests as they get seated. Also, consider printing a fan on your wedding programme thus helping the guest to cool themselves. For a cool weather, consider hiring some heaters.

Consider your wedding dress too: Since you are planning an outdoor wedding, you should choose a light wedding dress, thus for you and the bridesmaids too. It prevents you from overheating and sweating unnecessarily. The outcome is not very attractive in wedding photographs.

Tip: If you purchased a wedding dress that has a train, consider choosing an aisle runner or a red carpet at that point. It should be taken into consideration since you don’t want your perfect stitched train to have green grass stains.

Choose a perfect outdoor wedding hair style: Before anything else, tell your hair stylist that you will have an outdoor wedding. They will help you to attain the perfect style that works better for outdoor weddings.

What Romantic Outdoor Wedding Entails

To have an exquisite romantic outdoor wedding, you should choose some unique defects that will enhance the color and romantic mood for you and your guests. Your wedding should entail things like:

1. Imagine a scenario where you have a long table, set of 65, nestled between rows of vines. In short, this can typically be defined as a romantic and rustic wedding setting. It’s truly a swoon-worthy experience. The implications of the surrounding will provide you with a well planned outdoor décor that needs little to no addition.

An open air will also create an excellent lightness for your wedding event, thus keeping your guests engaged all day long. If you are planning to set this kind of route, then don’t forget to include a wine tasting experience. The process will set a starring role for both your dinner and cocktail hour.

2. You can also select a romantic backyard wedding. Huh! Yes, your childhood home can turn into a wedding destination of your dreams. You can make it as a stunning landscape and a gorgeous altar for your ceremony. The abundance floral and strings can just turn your gloomy wedding into a romantic and welcoming scenario.

3. Create a romantic, enchanted forest: Try going for the unexpected planning, and then you can decide to have your reception first. After the sun sets, you can now begin your ceremony. Don’t forget to include the twinkling ‘firefly’ lights that set up the romantic outdoor wedding.

4. A Great Buffet for a Romantic Outdoor Wedding
When you are hosting a large number of people, choose a buffet style table setting. First the buffets style should keep your dining tables from being too crowded. Here are some of the unique ideas of how to set a romantic outdoor wedding:

Have a 3-tieired outdoor buffet: It might sound crazy, but the design is awesome. The three-tiered buffet tends to stand with a support of a long metal stand. This style can be easy for an outdoor wedding. The guests will be comfortable to move as they enjoy their cocktail and appetizing bites. They can use this as they wait for their dining set up.

Serviette Holders: Imagine a scenario where you are taking your vows and one serviette tends to fly and tap you on your face. It’s quite embarrassing. To avoid such disappointments make sure you have purchased various serviette holders and also buffet sticks.

Drinking buffet: Instead of putting the guest drinks on companies’ trays. You can come up with something elegant such as a picnic bench whereby it is divided into three different rows. It would be easy for guest to take their favorite drinks. You can also opt to improvise an old ladder and set it up as a drink stand.

Also, remember to give your buffet a starting point and an ending point since visitors would one to move from one section to another. For instance, you can decide to put up the drinks at the far end thus creating a larger space for everyone.

Important tips to note for an outdoor wedding

  • Before anything else, choose a wedding venue where everybody will be comfortable to walk and access the place. That said you should consider the elderly people while planning an outdoor wedding. If the place is quite hilly or spiky, you should hire a transportation service for them.
  • As a bride, you should also buy two pairs of shoes. Having flat shoes, in this case, is appropriate.
  • Choose professional caterers that will be able to help you with various types of food and delicacies.
  • Make sure your guests are not lost during the event. You can do so by letting the groomsmen take charge in redirecting visitors to various places.
  • If you are planning an outdoor wedding, see if the location can be sprayed so as to avoid any reflections of mosquitoes or you bring in some fans to disperse them away.
  • Additionally, check your power sources. Sometimes you might need to bring in a generator so as to accommodate the needs of your DJ, lighting and caters
  • Keep in mind that planning an outdoor wedding, takes allot of effort. But it is worth every bit of effort.