Bridesmaids are very important guests at the wedding, so while planning a celebration it is important to take care of their clothing style. European tradition stipulates for the unity not only in design, color scheme and theme of the wedding but in bridesmaids dresses as well.

Taking into account that this is a fairly controversial and sensitive issue, you should approach a matter carefully to find the best looks for the girls. Choosing common attire it is desirable to consider the overall style of celebration and the references of your bridal party of course, because this choice has to be pleasant for them as well as for the bride.
The benefits of creating an outer uniformity of the girls invited to the wedding:

  • Same outfits become a powerful “light spot” which perfectly supports the general wedding style, the atmosphere of solemnity and affective spectacle;
  • The bride looks very impressive against the background of bridesmaids similar images;
  • If all the guests will be dressed discordantly, that multiplicity will look blankly on the photos.

General requirements for the bridesmaids dress selection.

So how to choose the finery? First of all, discuss the nuances: the dress shouldn’t be too short and narrow – the girls have to dance or maybe take part in some competitions and simply be near the bride all day long. So, above all the dresses must be comfortable. Avoid too plunging neckline, but a graceful cut on the back can be a highlight of the dress.
While planning your maids of honour looks, dresses of the same colour and cut arise at once in your imagination. This variant is often the most expensive and is not always suitable, as every girl wants to look special, considering the nuances of their figures, appearance, tastes, etc. That’s why the wedding fashion provides more democratic options that allow bridesmaids to evince their individuality.

The most common versions of the bridal party’s separation are the following:

  1. Same cut, colour and fabric. This is the direct version of the European tradition which looks excellent on photographs. You’ll have to make efforts to realize this option: to choose the correct style and colour of the outfits, taking into account each girl’s features (bodily constitution, skin and hair colour, preferences and so on). Same cut and colour garments you can buy in stores which offer cocktail dresses, or buy only needed fabric and sew them to order. In this case the most gainful look have the dresses made of elegant material: silk, chiffon, organza, glossy sateen, taffeta.
  2. Same cut, different colour. Bridesmaids dresses can be made in the same style but have a difference concerning to the colour solutions. Then the use of different colours will make the wedding bright and colorful, and the girls will be able to choose a more appropriate colour. You can also divide the girls into pairs (or triples) and offer them dresses same in style and contrast (but still combinable) in colour, thus you’ll get several colour groups. Belts, ribbons, bouquets and other details and accessories of the same colour will help you to unite their looks together.
  3. Same colour, different style. In most cases this variant of attire has to be sewed in an atelier, and you have to buy the needed amount of fabric previously. On this occasion, in spite of the individual choice of cuts for the type of figure of each girl, her personal preferences, the integrity of bridesmaids images is perfectly preserved. The style of dresses might be
    completely different or might have same parts. For example, same or at least similar may be a corset or a bodice, skirt length and style, etc.
  4. An “ombré” effect. This effect involves the use of clothes with shades of the same color. This kind of outfits, showing gradually changing shades from light to dark, looks incredibly beautiful. You can use different shades of colours: from bright fuchsia to tender roses, from turquoise to blue dew, from pale pink to bright red, etc. In so doing the cuts of dresses may vary or be identical.
  5. Dresses-transformers. This outfit is quite popular because it is multi-purpose. These dresses fulfilled in the same colour every girl can wear in different ways according to her preferences: the straps can be placed on the shoulders, dropped down or crossed on the back; the belt can be tied in front, on the back, removed at all, used instead of a decorative adornment; sleeves can be long or rolled up or unfastened, and so on. Besides that these dresses are low cost and wide selection of styles and colours, they are usually made of elastic fabrics which do not require careful fitting on a figure.
  6. Blouses and skirts of similar styles. It is possible to replace bridesmaids dresses with skirts and blouses, if the celebration will be performed in casual style which is less formal, often is held open-air and assumes wearing of more comfortable clothes. In this case, all girls can put on either totally similar (in colour or/and cut) attire, or just same part of it (only blouse or only skirt).
  7. Identical accessories. If you decided to refuse similar (in colour or cut) dresses, common elements, such as beads, necklaces, belts, gloves, hair accessories, brooches, bouquets, bracelets etc., will unite your bridal party look. If you celebrate in the cold season, gather up the bridesmaids looks with the correctly chosen cape: boleros, jackets, tippets. Objects organically combined with the general idea of the themed wedding will be the best match, for instance, leather jackets are the perfect option for the “rock’n’roll”-styled wedding. Unusual accessories also may be present: multi-coloured umbrellas, bonnets, wreathes or diadems, clutches etc. Using same details can help to achieve harmony between your bridesmaids, but don’t let them to “damp down” the bride’s gown. The right choice of the girlfriends’ footwear will complete their total look. It may be of same colour or same model or just similar style and colour.

Possible difficulties in creating bridesmaids looks.

Once you decide to dress up your bridal party with the clothes united with style, colour or cut, you have to think carefully about all the nuances. Then the celebration will come out interesting, fashionable and stylish.

  • Bridesmaids personal preferences. You must give the proper weigh to that all girls are different and they may well have their own whims. Some of the bridesmaids may feel that a wedding is an opportunity for them to show off by wearing a stunning dress. So they may not like the bride’s idea of the identical dresses. Don’t dispute and don’t be upset, after all, preparations for the wedding and choosing the garments should be an enjoyable process. Especially that a compromise can be found in any matter.
  • Features of figures. If the girl’s constituitions differ greatly, don’t dress them identically. It is better to offer them to show their imagination and individuality. The selection of dresses of various cuts, length, fabrics, but single colour or several hues will solve this situation. Take into account that there are cuts of dresses which suit any type of build: trumpet dresses, antique dresses, column dresses. When planning the cut, it has to be remembered that the dress should not be vulgar and provocative.
  • Choice of colour. Rules for the colour choosing are simple: monochrome outfits look best. If your wedding is designed in a certain colour, select hues which suit your friends the most. Keep in mind that though shiny fabrics have a festive appearance, but the abundance of spangles can give unwanted glare in photo and video. Taboo is white or black. Even if the bride chose an ivory- or a cream-coloured dress, the bridesmaids cannot wear white ones! Otherwise the gown will seem dirty against their background. Black is the colour of mourning. And even if you aren’t superstitious, there will be a lot of men in black or dark suits, so you’ll just merge with others. An effective solution is a colour union between the gown and the bridesmaids dresses. For example, a wedding dress supplemented with a red belt will perfectly harmonize with your maids of honor red clothes; a snow-white gown plus an orange bride’s bouquet makes a spectacular look with glaring orange bridesmaids dresses.
  • Dependence on the season. While choosing the wedding attire the season should be considered as well as the style of the celebration. Juicy bright colours are more suitable for summer, warm and rich – for autumn, contrast – for winter, soft and pastel – for spring.

Bridesmaids in beautiful similar dresses – it is fashionable, stylish and solemn. Whatever you decide, don’t stress yourself because you cannot please everyone anyway, besides your girls should remember what this day means for you. Deliberate with your bridesmaids, accentuate their feminity and individuality, so they will get an opportunity to support effectively the common wedding style.