In this modern era, there are beautiful and elegant wedding invitations that are custom made to fit the bride’s budget and taste. Custom wedding designs should be categorized as the most creative areas in planning a wedding. In other words, having the best combinations of papers will make you overwhelmed on how much you can create out of it.

The most difficult questions that we often hear about the bride and groom to be is how early should they send their wedding invitations? Relax, don’t be in a hurry. Wedding etiquette experts suggest that you just give yourselves at least four to six months time depending on your planned schedule. You will take advantage of this time and search for the best invitation suite. And if you love custom designed wedding invitations, then follow the below guides to capture and internalize the best custom wedding invitation for your big day.

So, what should I consider when choosing a wedding invitation?

Keep in mind that, wedding invitation will be the first glimpse that your guest will get on the actual theme of your wedding and personality. Besides, the design chosen, color and texture of your paper will be determined by your creativity. Below are points to consider when choosing the perfect custom designed wedding invitation:

  • Remember to divide your guests list: Don’t forget to divide your guest list into two different sections thus one list should have the priority guests, and you are certain that they will avail themselves on your wedding day. Another wedding list should have a alternative guests that you are not sure whether they will attend your wedding ceremony.
  • Also, consider sending your wedding invitation at least eight weeks in advance. The Save the Date should at least go for four to six weeks before invitation. That said try to order the printing materials since it will take you about two to three weeks.
  • Your wedding preferences: You should decide whether you want to include the whole family or you prefer your wedding to be attended by adults only. Note that, this should be indicated clearly on your wedding invitation card.
  • If you haven’t heard from certain people or friends for a while, make sure that your wedding planner can call them directly and ask. The process will help you not to get caught up with several people that you haven’t met for a while.
  • Before you have the whole wedding cards printed, make sure that you have two to three people to read and reflect what you had written. Don’t be the only proofreader since you might have memorized some of the words and you may tend to skip some grammar mistakes.
  • Don’t forget the stamps: There are dozens of unique stamps available in various wedding markets. You should choose to design or even create your own with unique artwork or engagement pictures.

How to choose your custom wedding invitation design

Your beautiful wedding will be perceived by the wording and design, weight and texture of the paper that you have chosen. For instance, if you are planning a casual beach wedding, it should be conveyed from the start in the design of the invitation. Furthermore, if you are planning a formal wedding, then your wedding guests should have the floor-length gowns and tuxedos thus implicating a formal wedding style.

There are no hard rules when choosing your custom made wedding design. Above all, it is important to be creative and make something that you like. The following guidelines will help you on how to choose the best wedding invitation design:

Type of wedding: If you are planning a formal, classic or traditional wedding, it is important to choose well-designed fonts such as Times New Roman, Georgia and Book Antique. These are some of the most used fonts that tend to set a dignified and a restrained tone that will never go out of style. Choose an ivory, soft cream or a white paper which will enhance the effect.

Informal wedding: If you are planning to have an informal wedding, then choose a wedding invitation design that has unique typeface such as Symbol, Courier New or Comic Sans. For more contemporary look, you can pair it with non-traditional custom paper colors.

Check Legibility: If you are planning to include a lot of information on your wedding invitation card, check that they have medium sized fonts. For instance, try to include two complimentary fonts thus; use a script for the grooms and bride names or even sans serif for the actual text. For example:

If your wedding has a theme or color, make sure the wedding card invitations you use has one or two of those chosen colors or elements. The palette can continue throughout all related programs materials.

Sometimes, it is okay to choose a colored paper, but be aware that black-bordered paper is mostly used for sending death announcements.


Essential Tips for preparing wedding invitations.

As you planning to have an exquisite wedding, don’t forget about your wedding cards preparation etiquettes. The most helpful tips include:

Allow yourself ample of time: Create an ample time where you will carefully schedule for the addresses and email invitations.

Use etiquette names: It is appropriate to use welcoming and much warmer names to the correct names who will accompany various guests at your wedding. For instance, you can use names such as Dear welcoming guest and honored guest.

Use appropriate titles: Before sending the wedding invitations, make sure that all title are spelled correctly and ask questions when you are in doubt.

Important tips to note:

  • Sometimes you can opt to include an alternative of buffet options on your custom wedding card. Such that, you can include the type of dinner that you intend to have thus been more elegant and creative
  • Also don’t forget to include an engraved line at the bottom or top of your wedding card. You can include something like ‘Kindly, respond by September 7th”.
  • Include a unique custom design invitation such us a picture of your parents house, where you will say I do or even a family crest.