Organization of any wedding has a lot of complications. Certain bride wishes to do everything herself and another one dreams about wedding-surprise. Any of them tries to make this event unforgettable and romantic. Who can help in managing except your parents?

Surely, these are bridesmaids. They are in one sense guardian angels for bride’s joyful mood, which is very important in any wedding. The fiancée is always supposed to be in focus of attention and maids of honor help her to keep attraction.

There are many signs in any country about choosing such girls. Let’s go through one of them: the bridesmaid is always a single girl. Nowadays this belief isn’t always followed. The matter is that, if a woman is happy in marriage, she becomes a perfect attendant and will bring happiness to a new family.

She can also share her experience with the bride during preparations and nobody will be overlooked, she just won’t have any reason to be envy. If your best friend is divorced, unfortunately, she can’t match for the role of bridesmaid.

It is a bad sign according to the told popular belief. On the other hand presence at somebody’s wedding as bridesmaid is a very good sign for single girls. People think that such lady can find her half very soon and get married, especially if she catches the wedding bouquet.

Remembering the believes, let’s return to bridesmaid’s personality. Which one can be the best in this role? You will find several tips bellow:

  1. She is your best friend, who can understand you without words;
  2. The one who likes different celebrations and always try to cheer up the guests;
  3. Sociable and active girl;
  4. Your friend can amuse and calm you down in any situation;
  5. The future attendant lives in the same city and your friend isn’t very busy at work.

If your friend doesn’t fit some of these points, it is not a big deal. No worries. Besides, one still able to invite as this very important person her relatives or “new sisters” (if the future husband has them). They will be glad to help and stay with the bride in such significant and affecting moment of her life.

If you have many close friends and any of them dreams to be your bridesmaid – choose them all! One should arrange their duties beforehand and choose the main bridesmaid for avoiding some problems and misunderstandings. If you’re best friend is a man, he can be one of the bridesmaids too. This choice even can bring faint note of originality in your wedding.

The role of bridesmaids isn’t a piece of cake. They accomplish a lot of duties. What should they do? What jobs have they got? The most needful of them is, of course, helping the bride. Guys should be able to correct make-up or mend clothes. Bridesmaids accompany the highlight person everywhere and they can entertain guests in certain moments.
Their duties begin long before the wedding.

The main maid of honor is supposed to assist the bride in different questions. She helps to choose the dress, menu in restaurant, decorations, and tests for the groom. So in general, any problem or organization moments are area of her support. Bridesmaids become your right hands in many ways.

Quantity of the wedding helpers differs. It depends on your friends number, relatives and other factors, for example, living in different cities. Choosing bridesmaids is very responsible decision. You should consider their dresses too. In case one picks only one person, questions about clothes will not bother any of you.

If several persons are to be the bridesmaids, it’s necessary to think about colors and their dresses style. There are certain rules of such cloths selection. The most important of them is the following: the highlight of wedding is the bride, and maids of honor are her impressive background. Their dresses are to be beautiful but they shouldn’t eclipse the fascination of the bride’s gown.

It’s better to select light materials, not velvet or leather, if your wedding is managed in traditional style. Of course, if you wish the celebration in definite style, choosing the clothes will be easier following the context of concrete idea. One more consuetude is connected with white colour. It is the symbol of purity, virginity, tenderness of a bride; therefore it is only her colour. Bridesmaid’s dresses can be of any different colors. The reason for this tradition is obvious: the fiancée should be notable for people.

Famous fashion designers advise to take contrasting colors for other girls. The most popular wedding hues for bride’s assistances are red, dark blue, yellow, fuchsia and lavender. They perfectly harmonize with any tint of white. The second group of pastel shades. Their tenderness will underline the lightness and freshness of the main dress. So if you like peach, beige, light pink, light blue, bright yellow, lemon party will be fascinating as bunch of wildflowers on the hill and the wedding will be special for everybody.

The main character in the round of these beautiful fairies dressed in the same colors will look splendidly, however one should be ready that it’s very difficult for girls to cloth equally. So it’s necessary to choose different fashions. After all every person has a certain figure. One may take care of any girl. They should look perfectly too. The most comfortable variant for several dresses is sewing them by a professional tailor in atelier. It will be cheaper than in the shop, easier than making yourselves and the coziest for any figure.

Touching on dresses styles, we advise you to choose cocktail one, which can fit in another event or on holidays too. It’s better not to use many decorating details in bridesmaids’ image. Clothes with fluffy skirts in new look style are entirely possible in this image and make “the fairy” spectacular.

Back to wedding believes it isn’t redundant to mention that bridesmaids’ dresses in blue, pink or golden shades are signs of happiness. Surely the main reason to prefer certain dress’ type is the style of wedding, figures of members and color harmony.

The effect of gradient is the most comfortable for everybody, if your “angels” don’t like to be in the same hues. The bride may allow them to take tints of her dress’s colour. Their mutual appearance will be tender and beautiful. Another variant is to choose more bright tones and their shades. So appearance will be saturated and vivid.

Traditionally bride and her helpers have bouquets in hands. Tinges of blooms in it can have something in common. For example, the undertones of fiancée’s posy are similar to the tints of “bride’s fairy’s” dresses or vice versa. It will look very stylish. One more idea for wedding gowns is giving preference to shades of delphinium: pink, sky blue and violet.

These tender and bright at the same time tints look perfect and combine with white gown marvelously. Such colors create atmosphere of significant celebration and dispose everybody to romantic mood. You may use this flower in your bouquet too. There is a beautiful legend about this plant in Greece. It is a story about true love, so this symbol can bring to your reality only light and magnificent recollections, make future rich and remain your feelings strong for the whole life.

Bridesmaids often put on bracelets instead of bunch of flowers. This decoration is very comfortable. After all free hands of “guardians” are excellent help in different occasions. Their images should be more modest than bride’s one, so putting on a lot of decorations is not recommended for them.

It is desirable for the wedding party to carry bags. Brides are busy in another matters, so their “fairies” can have several things which can come in handy. These are plaster, threads, pins, mascara, lipstick, eyeshades, etc. Besides, all aforesaid bridesmaids always help newlyweds to pass traditional ceremonies.

Young girls and women often agree to be bridesmaids with pleasure. This status allows people to create happy couple in the most important day in their lives. If your friend wishes to be bridesmaid from the heart, even if she doesn’t have some features for that, she can be the best “fairy” in the wedding.