Every wedding is a sacrament. In order to make a unique and unforgettable event, creating a moodboard will definitely help you.

It gives you the creeps on your body and it seems like time stops for a while when you finally hear the desired words “Will you marry me?”, watching him standing on one knee and holding a ring of your dreams, looking forward to putting it on your finger. From that very moment you are a bride.

Since that all you think about is what your wedding is going to look like: styles and themes, music and ceremony, dress and bouquet, photographers and florists, bridesmaids, guests and eventually honeymoon. Once you are a bride, you look for everything that inspires you: soft or dark colors and flowers, flourished decoration and even certain era that evoke your inner romantic nature.

To make your ideas real and let your dreams come true, you may create a mood board which will satiate your burning desire to make your wedding perfect. You don’t have to be a designer to invent it, just rely on your intuition and feelings. The main reason of making it is to gather all your ideas with the aim to see visually, realize your perception of the perfect day and actualize it.

A Mood Board Itself

The first and foremost you should remember that creating mood boards for the wedding is not just taking photos of your dress, or picking up flowers that you wish, or writing down a phone number of wedding instructor you have chosen to conduct the evnt. Not at all.

You don’t have to run over a great amount of shopping malls, looking for a gown. What is more, it’s not up to you to ask florists, musicians and cooks to take images of your bouquet, scene and cake. Your fiancé is not going to snapshot his proposal. It’s all because a wall of spirits is not just collecting photos of your real dress, cuisine and the location of ceremony where your day is going to happen. It is more than a simple pile of images, for the second name of a mood board is an inspiration board.

So, it is a combination of inspirational details. What you can find in a wall is a general outlook, colour preferences, photography and video styles etc. All this is extremely useful for your wedding designers.

Reasons to Make It

To organize your wedding as you wish, you resort to services of different professionals like photographers, florists, designers, cooks and others. Your mood board may illustrate your desires, being useful, and inform them quickly about your ideas which should be followed. Not surprisingly, it simplifies designers’ work and helps them to understand your preferences and prevents incomprehension during conversation as visual presentation speaks louder than words.

Once your board is ready, the professionals start working on it. During work they may state questions to you, concerning your concepts which they notice on the wall that leads to the correct understanding. Not to lose the right direction and time, make sure your mood board expresses your exact wishes. Still to avoid misinterpretation of your feelings, you should work together in order to get after all exactly what you want.

Moreover, an inspiration board is not useful only for designers, it is also necessary for you to reconsider the ongoing trends. Not to mention the fact that you can get tangled since there is a great deal of really impressive styles and themes, produced by designers. The question is whether it is your personal view of your day, or it is just an appealing picture. So your mood board is intended to lead you to better understanding of your wedding.

How to Create an Inspiration Board

Now that you know the key idea of making an inspiration board, you should clarify yourself the process. By the way, your bridegroom will surely appreciate if you involve him into this exciting moment of planning.

Firstly you should choose the way of projecting it: whether to use an online program, special scrapbooks or a simple whatman paper. A previously downloaded tool bar will help you to produce your board as desired, putting into Pinterest. Still if you would not like to make it digital, a piece of paper, cards and images are at your disposal.

Exploring the latest trends, you confirm own style. Choose a general wedding theme, consisting of such details as colour scheme which includes decoration, bouquet, cake, and even clothes of bridesmaids.

In spite of the fact that Internet is overloaded with apps for creating mood boards, making them “in real life” is not less popular. Print some images and stick them on. It is noteworthy that not only images, but also quotations and your remarks can be used on it. To be more lively, you may use special objects. If you paint very well, you can draw your vision of your day. Remember, to make a greater impact, it’s better to create a handmade version, using some DIY elements.

Having collected an amount of images go through them once again to choose the most appropriate. Group them together, changing dislocation according to the feelings that they evoke. Eventually you have to be satisfied with the representation of the idea of your wedding day.

Your purpose is to make your mood board as compact as possible. That’s why try to use only one page, whether online or real one. Choose only the best photoes, the most proper citations that will reveal your desire best of all. Don’t forget to display the parts of a board specifically, because now and then the venue is even more informative than images themselves.

Remember that there are no strict rules of how to create an inspiration collage: size, shapes and order of the cards should be up to you. Experimenting is welcome. Sometimes it helps designers to make it clear for themselves what is more and less important for you, even if you do not realize it yourself. If you understand all the specific features of mood board planning, try to relax and enjoy; and your views will come out of your unconsciousness. That’s why you might not always explain your choice of colours, shapes, size, text and images themselves.

The process is really creative, so you should care for having enough time and pleasant atmosphere to reach your expectations. Not to mention the fact that it is rather important to travel a lot and visit places that provoke high spirits, meet with friends who make you smile and run through positive emotions. The ideas may come whenever and wherever you are, that is why be ready to note or sketch them.

All in all, more and more people turn to creating mood boards for their weddings, as it is a perfect way to let your flight of fancy be actually realized and make your day truly unforgettable and original.