As a rule, bridal gown is worn once in the whole life that is why fiancées spend so much time and energy on choosing this garment. Looking for the ideal array is really creative process. All styles, various trimmings and colors give any bride a splendid opportunity to appear before her beloved man in an unforgettable way. Wearing a nuptial outfit girls also pretend to play a role in the most important performance of their life. In every separate gown one becomes a different person: lovely princess, majestic queen, stiff-necked lady, stylish and flirty girl.

It is the main reason why bridal arrays vary so much! One will definitely find apparel for any role in the whole collection of wedding dresses. Some brides opt for short ones wishing to look romantic and tender, childlike and coquettish, magnificent and sexual. Though, some time ago such outfits were usually worn at the nuptial without further celebration, brave and creative brides put short mini dresses on even during luxurious parties. These venturesome girls might have stimulated designers from all over the world to lift short bridal gown on the top of wedding fashion.

One has to admit that short bridal array is not a whim of current trends. Unforgettable Coco Chanel used to say that every bride has a right to change the length of her dress. In 20-ies – 30-ies of the previous century ladies began wearing plain and neat knee-length wedding dresses. In 60-ies such dresses gained even more popularity – midi bridal gowns transferred into sexual mini. In 70-ies short dresses were also sought-after, but in early 80-ies long luxurious dresses started to force their predecessor out.

In 90-ies royal nuptial dresses with bodice and crinoline became genuine best-seller. Later on colored red, pink, blue dresses acquired vogue. However they still were long and royal. Leading wedding designers started to create more exquisite arrays of absolutely different styles and finally brides became special. Among other things, short wedding dresses returned to the main trends.

During the last few years a huge amount of short nuptial arrays could be found in certain collections. These are mostly elegantly-sexual and deliberately plain dresses. Designers use various techniques to make a neat short dress (in comparison with the long one) look splendid. Upper part of a short bridal outfit is usually adorned with lace, embroidery, beads, sequins and even jewels. Skirt can be either traditional straight or lose-fitting, like a flower bud. Short skirt with a long train is considered to be an interesting alternative. Versace, Valentino and other well-known brands offer glorious mixture of short dress and long veil, which make an impression of strong, up-to-date, sexual and at the same time fiancée.

Sort wedding dresses will definitely surprise and bewilder people. It is widely known that men can hardly resist the temptation to carry on affairs with a woman in mini dress. There is no doubt, every men, including groom, will pay extra attention to the bride`s gown. Of course, short wedding dresses can be worn only by slim ladies with slender legs. If you have something to show, so why not do it? Cocktail dresses are especially suitable for young brides, who are not yet ready to become a queen instead of being a princess.

It is desirable that one should wear a bridal veil together with a short nuptial dress. In this case no one will mistake a bride, even if she is wearing a colored dress, for another girl. Elegant open toe shoes, high-heeled pumps, platform shoes, nice high boots and even over-the-knee boots ideally suit short wedding attire. The main advantage of such bridal gown is its utility, since this apparel is bought not to be worn just once. You can easily wear it in future.

Confident, vivid women, who are used to surprise and shock, usually opt for short wedding dresses. Pamela Anderson, Eva Longoria and other stars walked down the aisle in short bridal gowns. Even Coco Chanel considered short dresses to be appropriate for brides. To cut the long story short, if you are head over heels in love with mini dresses, you should not betray yourself for the sake of your wedding, because short bridal gowns are in fashion again.