Music is an essential part of any wedding as far as guests’ and newly-weds’ festive mood depends on it in large part. How to pick the right music for a celebration so that to please everyone?


Determine the wedding style

If your X-day is in a particular theme, then it will be easier to choose songs and melodies for it, inasmuch as for each style there is a corresponding music genre. Let us say, for a celebration in a retro style good old jazz will suit the most. It will create a warm and pleasant atmosphere at the feast.

If it’s a 60’s style wedding, then one certainly can’t avoid ‘dancing till drop’. Therefore, fiery Rock ‘n’ Roll songs will be up to the point!

For a wedding in the romantic style quiet pop or classical compositions will be appropriate. These melodies are favorable to sincere conversations and enjoyable pastime.

Also consider the venue, whether it’s going to be an open air or indoors event. String Quartet performing Mozart and Bach sonatas is more suitable for a nice restaurant. At the same time, restraint and grace of this music is ideal for an outdoor marriage registration.

Live entertainment or DJ?

It’s popularly believed that no matter what is a wedding style, any way musicians will look and sound more spectacular. Though the cost of live entertainment will be higher than work of a DJ. Therefore, proceed from the budget.

Adjust music to scenario

It’s clear that throughout the day atmosphere and dynamics of the festival will change several times: toasts are replaced by dancing and fun contests, games by congratulations and ceremonials. That is why, it’s highly important that each happening should be accompanied by a certain background music – romantic, vibrant, or dance. So, it’s better to discuss all the details with DJ or musicians in advance. Introduce them to the scenario and share your ideas!


Songs and melodies at the banquet

Wonderful advice is to make a list of favorite music. Then it should be presented to a DJ, so he would be able to catch the mood of a celebration and help to choose other tracks. What is more, a good DJ may advise something else, since he’s a professional and knows oats. It will be great to mix contemporary repertoire and retro compositions, so guests of any age have an opportunity to dance to the songs they like. Apart from this, if there are foreigners at the wedding, the tracks in their native language will be a pleasant surprise for them.

For a banquet opt for unobtrusive and pleasant compositions that will not hinder guests to communicate. We can offer the following compositions: Coldplay – “Viva La Vida”, Аdele – “Make Yоu Feel My Love”, Frank Sinatra – “Cоme Fly With Me”,  Ingrid Michaelson – “I Just Wanna Be Ok”, KT Tunstall – “Suddenly I See”.

Dancing tracks

Even if at the event there will be musicians, still guests will probably wish to dance to the fun and light pop music. So, good pop songs will come in handy. They can be recorded or a band can perform some tracks. For this long-awaited event, we can offer such tracks as Cеe-Lo Grеen – “Forgеt Yоu”, Marоon 5 feat Christina Aguilera – “Mоves Likе Jaggеr”, Lаdy Gаga – “Just Dаnce”.

Favored slow dances

And of course, there can hardly be a wedding without universal appeal ‘ballad’. For these dances one should select the most beautiful and romantic songs. For example, such as Peter Gabriel – “The Book Of Love”, James Blunt – “You are Beautiful”, Uncle Kracker – “You Make Me Smile”.

The first dance

This dance is probably the first moment when the newly-weds can realize that now they are a married couple. Moreover, this is one of the most romantic and solemn moments of a wedding. Therefore, it is important to choose the right song, which reflects bride and groom’s feelings for each other. For another thing, it’s likely to become a hymn of a new family. Here is the selection of music tracks which can become a wonderful accompaniment for the newlyweds’ first dance: Sade – “By your side”, Adele – “Lovesong”, Michael Bublé – “The best is yet to come”, Hurts -“Affair”.

Compositions for special events

One should not forget about all kinds of wedding traditions, like throwing the bouquet, cake cutting, and others are rather be accompanied by special music. In such cases, it’s better to pick songs with meaning, such as Gabriella Cіlmi – “Sweet About Me’, Savage Garden – “Truly Madly Deeply”.

It’s worth mentioning that the atmosphere will largely depend on the musical content. For this reason, it’s better to choose only the most pleasant and favorite melodies. So, here are the top best wedding compositions that hopefully will be helpful.

  1. Elton John – “Can You Feel The Love Tonight”
  2. Celine Dion – “What a Wonderful World”
  3. Joss Stone – “L.O.V.E”
  4. Etta James – “At Last”
  5. Bee Gees – “How Deep Is Your Love”
  6. Whitney Houston – “I Wanna Run To You”
  7. Lauren Christy – “The Color Of The Night”
  8. Lana Del Rey – “Young And Beautiful”
  9. Beyoncé – “Single Ladies”
  10. «Moulin Rouge» – “Come What May”