How many weddings a person might have during his or her life? Well, one or two… maybe three. In fact, we can celebrate it time and again. First and foremost, if you manage to start a close-knit family, then you can mark this day by celebrating the anniversary every year.

During the first years of living together it can be a good subject of rejoicing in a group of friends. Over time, men of honor, their offsprings and nephews gather round the festive table. To cut the long story short, loving couple can annually celebrate their nuptials. We cannot even imagine, how incredibly lucky are those, who succeed to celebrate their diamond anniversary!

However, wedding jubilees during the first years of family life, when we congratulate our beloved and gather round the festive board, are considered to be the most pivotal family red-letter-days. We would like to pinpoint the first ten marriage anniversaries, for each of them has its own interesting symbolism and name, which can sometimes seem to be weird and obscure.

1st – 4th Wedding Anniversaries

Thus, the first one is called Gauze or Chintz Wedding. It symbolizes tenuous relations between two loving hearts, which have just set their foot on the road of family life. So, the couple can give each other chintz handkerchiefs, while their guests present napkins made of textile, table-cloth or bed linen.

The second anniversary bears the name of the Paper Wedding, which signifies young couple, learning to overcome obstacles. Paper is a frail material that is why it has to be tenderly treated. It will not withstand water and fire. So, should the “paper” marriage be jeopardized? Of course, not.

Loving people ought to love one another and make the most of their relations. Either romantic letters written by hand or self-made postcards can become a present for lovers made by them. Guests usually bring photo albums, books or bank notes.


The third anniversary is known as the Leather Wedding – much more flexible and resistant in comparison with gauze, chintz and paper. Now marital relations have become so strong that no one can break them off easily. During these three years partners learned to better understand each other, their interrelations became more pliable.

This jubilee is said to bear such a name, because the married couple has already get used to each other and learned to sense partner by skin. Husband and wife exchange presents made of leather: a pair of gloves, wallet, purse, bag etc. Alike gifts are also brought by guests.

4th-7th Wedding Anniversaries

After the lapse of a four-year life together gruesome-twosome celebrates their Linen Wedding (also known as the Wax Wedding). Linen has always been the symbol of wealth and prosperity. It means that now people are in earnest about their well-being and try to strengthen their financial standing.

Linen anniversary is accompanied by such presents as towels made of linen, bed sheets and other home textiles. Since this day is also called Wax Anniversary, beautiful candles can also be gifted. By the way, an interesting ceremony usually takes place: husband and wife`s hands and legs are tighten by linen towels. If they manage to disentangle, their marriage has not become strong yet.

The first significant home occasion is regarded to be their Wooden Wedding, which is celebrated on the apropos of their five-year mutual relations. Though tree is solid, firm and owns deep roots, it can still die because of drought, fire or hurricane…Quarrels will never break these relations, but if the fire occurs… The great wisdom is needed not to let the spark in. According to the traditions, it is said to be a good omen to plant a tree that day.

This very tree is considered to overcome all the difficulties and will gain strength every single day. By the time, when the house is erected and the son is brought up, the tree will also go up. Various wooden items are given on the event: crockery, statuettes, caskets, wooden photo frames and so on and so forth. Spouses can buy wooden furniture as a mutual present.

After six years of marital life follows the Cast iron Wedding. It is the first metal symbol here, since before we speculated upon more fragile materials. Cast iron is heavy like the life of young couple is full of difficulties. However this material is firm and safe, that is why the family will manage to meet all the challenges. It is customary to present plates and dishes, extraordinary souvenirs, pots made of cast iron.

Dump-bells can also be given as a gentle hint: additional strength will be needed to transfer cast iron into silver (Cast iron Anniversary into the Silver one).

Some families also celebrate the intermediate Zinc Anniversary after 6.5 years. Zinc is delicate like an egg-shell, but plastic material. The family is not stable enough, but the world is their oyster. Different trifles made of metal a couple will probably receive on this day.

Copper, metal of value, is the representation of a seven-year life as a couple. Copper is soft and flexible, but not as brittle as zinc. Copper has always meant prosperity. During this jubilee love birds swap plain copper coins with each other and later on they try to always carry them along and never lose. Guests can bring all sorts of household items. Copper costume jewelry can be purchased for the beloved wife. Horseshoe made of copper is one of the frequent gifts, since it brings well-being and welfare.

8th-10th Wedding Anniversaries

Steel Wedding signifies relations refreshing after eight years of spousal. Steel is as shinning and bright as the couples` attitude to each other; as fire resistant as their liaison; long-lasting like their affection. As for the presents, all kinds of kitchen-ware are given on this day.

Pottery Wedding is customary celebrated after nine years of family relations. Year after year tights between couple become more and more exquisite and delicate, like a fragrant tea, sipped from highly glazed cups. Though pottery is fragile, but it is really marvelous.

It signs a new phase, when stoutness is not as important (Jack and Jill have already undergone this kind of a test), as to preserve the feelings tender and beautiful, like they were during the first year of their mutual life. The family pottery cup is said to have already been full. Since they live in a plenty, the red-letter day can be celebrated with an open, sincere heart. The usual presents are delft ware and statuettes made of highly glazed dishes.


The second milestone anniversary (ten years of family life) is the Tin Wedding (also known as the Pink Wedding). A decade together is a great achievement. That is why it is celebrated on a grand scale: a pair of sweethearts invites guests, who participated in the wedding. To present his beloved woman a bouquet of roses is a must for a husband, for this is also their pink anniversary. Guests bring either pink items – like bed clothing and knick-knackery or things made of tin.

Such an absorbing sequence of celebrations is awaited by newly-weds in the due course of their first decade of livng together. After that, relations will become even more fascinating, solid and valuable. If spouses treat each other wisely and tolerantly, they will surely celebrate pearl, golden and even diamond anniversaries in their future!