How to choose wedding palette

There are magnificent wedding that are full of glamour but only a few can make their dreams into reality. A lot of effort and skill need to be put in place. A wedding is not just about tying the knot but also the feeling and the experience that the guest will have. Wedding color, style,

Marriage Proposal Ideas

Many gentlemen for the time are being pretend that their marriage is of little interest and they refer to it, so to speak, calmly. But when there comes a time to propose to that only woman – is there in the world a man who wouldn’t worry and wait with a sinking heart for Her

Wedding Photography tips: bride’s morning

In this article I would like to tell about bride`s preparation for a wedding day, about the beautiful morning to be exact. Each bride wants to have a perfect wedding day. And it begins with a morning. But not all brides think about the details, which results in missing of some important points.

What should your guests bring on your wedding: gifts or money ?

Wedding is always a pleasant and memorable event, not only for the bride and groom, but also for their relatives, friends and acquaintances. All of us, at least once in our life had to think about how to choose a wedding gift for the newlyweds, what would be to their liking and needs.

How to make wedding perfect, if parents don’t like the groom

The majority of old folks will take active part in their children’s marriages. They would gladly organize things, relish giving counsel and offer all kinds of assistance. Mothers eagerly follow brides-to be to trials selecting the dress. They help to pick out the location and the menu.

33 Ways to Wow Your Wedding Guests

The theme, the food, those genuine words exchanged at the ceremony or how fabulous the happy bride appeared… What do you think your friends and family will remember longest once the big day is over? Things we have just mentioned are standard for any nuptial. All couples carefully select outfits, do their best to please

How to Pick the Color for your Wedding Dress

Though variety of wedding gowns is huge, brides still face difficulties. To start with, the quantity of styles is immeasurable. Certainly every woman knows what suits her best, but what if another design fits even more? Decoration of nuptial outfits can also vary, that is why one will surely be puzzled while choosing among several

How to Choose a Master of Ceremonies (MC) for your Wedding

What is a master of ceremonies (or MC) on the reception role? First of all, MC sets the tone of the event, connects various components together. This occurs through speeches, jokes, music pauses, puns, etc. It makes transition between contests, dancing, artists’ performances and feast smooth and unobtrusive. The facilitator should not relax for a

5 Brilliant Marriage Proposal‬‏ Ideas

How to make a great marriage proposal which will be impressive enough to tell your children, grandchildren, and even become a family legend? The offer is not made every day; it expresses an intimate and reverent attitude of a man to his beloved. It should be carefully planned to the smallest details. Don`t delay it